Here are a few things we consider at Borrelli Event Services when locating an event venue or site.

 Event Type
Will the event be casual, formal, romantic? The desired event atmosphere may be an influential factor when deciding on an event venue.

Event Location
Depending upon the type of event, it may be important to think about the location of the event, how your guests will be getting to the event or wedding site, how far they will need to travel, and where they will park, if necessary.

Event Size
The event venue you choose must be able to accommodate the number of guests that will be attending. If guests will be organized into different groups, you may need to hold the wedding or event at a large event site which contains multiple event venues or event spaces.

Event Length
Certain sites or event venues may be more appropriate depending upon the length of the event. If the event will run over the course more then a day, an event or wedding location with onsite or nearby hotel accommodations may be desirable.

Event Facilities
If your event will require special equipment, you’ll need to ensure that the selected wedding site or event venue provides this equipment or will allow its use at the venue.

We recomend the following venues for your next elegant event:

The Alpine Country Club:
The Kirkbrae Country Club:
The Pawtucket Country Club:
The Agawam Hunt:
The Acoaxet Club:
The Newport Officers Club

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